There has been an increasing occurrence of chronic diseases in the present world, this has been enhanced with the changing lifestyles and hence, at the same time, there have been results that have been able to showcase the incidence of glomerular diseases in the body. The incidence of chronic kidney diseases has been increasing with an incidence of 10 percent per year. There have been some instances wherein the remaining 90 percent of the growth is linked and associated with the social, economic, and pathophysiological impacts of the diseases. In addition, there has been underpinnings of glomerular structure and physiology and pathology which have been in the position to provide that the diseases which are being faced y the present generation occur at the rate of 0.2 million per part. In addition, the medical councils of the United Nations have been very specific about the incidence of the occurrence and have showcased that the incidence of 8.5 mg/L is efficient enough to cure the bodily injury and hence, there is a greater need of being provided with the best of outcomes in this regard. These are the consequences of chronic illness and other ailments.

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