Public health experts are looking into the current coronavirus outbreak to see if there are any ways to prevent potentially fatal symptoms. Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LD-RT) induces anti-inflammatory cytokine responses that act as a counterweight to pro-inflammatory cytokines, potentially providing therapeutic benefits for COVID-19-related diseases associated with significant morbidity and mortality. This study will look into positive immuno-radiological reactions to see if they are feasible, practicable, and effective in lowering the critical inflammatory condition of the crucial stage COVID-19. This study aims to investigate the use of low-dose lung radiation in bacterial and viral pneumonia, as well as to provide a treatment plan for COVID-19-associated pneumonia. This article discusses the evidence for and against LD-RT theories in COVID-19 patients. The use of LD-RT at various stages of COVID-19 appears to be beneficial, with fewer side effects than other currently being studied treatments.
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