The sudden outbreak of the deadly virus known as coronavirus has worsened the condition fo the world for worse.  This is because of the reason that the people are not left with any option with them. This virus is not only deadly for health patients but at the same point in time, this virus is posing a challenge to provide treatment to the people who are already struggling with deadly problems like cancer. Therefore, at this time, the provisions of providing sufficient care to cancer patients have become very challenging. Therefore, in order to adapt to this new normal, the existing Radiotherapies should be changed and new ways are to be adopted for curing them. Therefore, there is a need for online referral sessions, online consultations, taking care of the proper sanitization during the times of radiotherapies. The patients should also take care of themselves by ensuring that they are able to avoid contact with the people to the maximum possible extent. These measures will be helpful in ensuring that the people who already are so weak and endangered are not affected for the worse.

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