This study states that To explore the impact of ferritin level on the disassociation of glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and mean plasma glucose (MPG).

We used a 2012-2013 cross-sectional survey conducted in Pinggu district, Beijing including 3095 Chinese participants aged 25-75 years. We categorized their glycemic status by interviewing for diagnosed diabetes and by measuring HbA1c, fasting plasma glucose (FPG), and 2-hours post-load plasma glucose (2-hours PPG). We fitted a multivariable regression model to explore the impact of ferritin on the association of HbA1c or glycated albumin (GA) and mean plasma glucose. A total of 5.65% of participants were diagnosed as diabetes using HbA1c criteria, and 9.79% using oral glucose tolerance test criteria. Compared with males, females had significantly lower hemoglobin levels and lower ferritin levels. Linear regression analysis performed in different groups classified by different diagnose criterion indicated that the correlation between MPG and HbA1c differs in different tertiles of ferritin, and the association between MPG and HbA1c diminished in the lowest tertile of ferritin.

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