The Covid-19 pandemic created a global scare due to high mortality rates. But the relationship between the virus and skin disease treatments is not clear. The question springs up due to the usage of antibodies in treating both the pandemic and skin disorders. This study tries to associate Covid-19, skin diseases, and associated biological drugs.

The researchers investigated the relevant medicines to understand mortality and virus susceptibility. A nationwide dataset relevant to Covid-19, from South Korea, is the study sample. It had data on insurance claims before and during treatment as well as clinical outcomes. The researchers analyzed the claim data relevant to skin diseases and other biologics. There were 234,427 Covid-19 tested subjects with 111,947 men and 122,480 women in the dataset.

The results confirmed 7590 or 3.2% subjects as Covid-19 positive. There were 227 or 3% confirmed death too. There was no significant increase noticed despite the presence of skin diseases or biologics usage. There was no effect on the clinical outcomes or mortality rates either.

Existing skin diseases and drug usage does not increase Covid-19 susceptibility. Since mortality is not a concern, biologics usage should continue. Their benefits in lowering skin disorder risks in Covid-19 positive patients must not get overlooked by the dermatologists.