The aim of the work was to assess the dynamics of ultrasound parameters of renal blood flow in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)and initial stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) during treatment with inactive vitamin D. The study included 264 patients with COPD of 2-4 degrees of severity in combination with CKD of 1-2 stages: 135 patients of the main group and 129 patients of the control group. Each group was divided into 4 subgroups according to the value of FEV1 and vitamin D level. In the main group, the native vitamin D was prescribed according to the scheme providing maintenance of vitamin D level >34,3 ng/ml during the year, in the control group – according to the recommendations of the Russian Association of Endocrinologists. An ultrasound of the kidneys with the calculation of the resistance index (RI) and albuminuria level were carried out in all patients at inclusion into the study and after its completion. A decrease in the severity of albuminuria from A3 to A2 was revealed in 24,1% (16), and an increase in GFR – in 42,9% (58) patients of all patients in the main group. A statistically significant decrease in the renal artery resistance index was recorded in the group of patients with moderate COPD (GOLD 2) and vitamin D deficiency in the main group (p<0,05). The maintaining of vitamin D levels more than 34,3 ng/ml over 12 months in patients with COPD in combination with CKD stage 1-2 was associated with a decrease in the severity of albuminuria, with an increase in GFR, and statistically significant decrease of resistance index in renal arteries of patients with moderate clinical course of COPD (GOLD 2) and lack of vitamin D.