It was noticed that there are new non-ionic contrast agents. They were classified into low osmolar agents and iso-osmolar agents, present different biochemical characteristics that may influence the allergic reactions they cause. It was considered important to evaluate how osmolarity may affect safety in the use of contrast agents.

This study was done with the purpose to check the involvement of osmolarity in the safety of contrast media.

The sample size consisted of 6 patients in total were included in this study They were the people with a positive history of reaction to the contrast agent. Out of all the 6 participants, there was only one patient prick and intradermal skin test was positive. However, contrary to that one case in the other 5 cases, patients presented an immediate reaction after the administration of a contrast agent that was not IgE mediated.

In this particular study, the researchers mainly focused on iodixanol, an iso-osmolar contrast agent, finding good safety of this product in patients with previous hypersensitivity reactions to contrast agents. This study can help in creating and suggesting medications with less possible reaction risk to patients with a positive history of reaction to the contrast agent.