The key requirements to vaccine are its safety and efficiency. Nowadays, when issue of vaccination is extremely acute, certain citizens began voluntarily to refuse important procedure, not becoming thoughtful that they endanger both themselves and other people. The purpose of the study is to specify the arguments and methods of circulation of anti-vaccination propaganda and to find out scientific counterarguments. Actually, there is sufficient data concerning lack of confidence to vaccination and vaccine prevention of infectious diseases. The systematic qualitative review of publications on issues of interest was carried out. It is established that lack of confidence to vaccination is maintained artificially and can be characterized as an information virus. The information throw-ins of fake-news about danger of vaccine and harm of vaccination undermine population trust to health care and vaccine prevention. The problem continues to be actual and controversial. So, every individual is independently to determine one’s attitude to vaccination and to take charge of one’s own health. Also, a number of facts is presented refuting convictions of anti-vaccinators.