Abortion is an old experience carried out by human beings. It has been practiced throughout the world illegally, just as other procedures. Globally, it was estimated that around 30 million induced abortions were performed annually. This study aimed to assess the magnitude of induced abortion and associated factors among students in Hawassa University, southern region. 

An institutional-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 422 students selected based on a probability simple random sampling method. A pretested structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Findings were presented in tables, figures, and texts. Confidentiality of information was also secured. 

The study setting’s prevalence of induced abortion was 68.7%. Participants who used emergency contraceptives had 12 times higher odds of undergoing abortion than those who did not use emergency contraceptives at AOR: 11.95, 95% CI: 5.615-25.326

The study concluded that a higher prevalence of induced abortion was observed in the study setting. Contraceptive use was the predictor of induced abortion identified. Concerned bodies were recommended to work on the identified determinant of induced abortion in the study setting.

Reference: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jp/2020/2856502/