The pandemic of the novel coronavirus has been able to bring sufficient major changes in the world. The people have become accustomed to the new normal in many ways. This is because of the reason that there is no hope as till now that the virus will be gone or a vaccine will be created to defend this virus. Since because the people cannot affect themselves, for long, therefore, what matters the most in such situations is to come out and face the brunt of it not matter how dangerous the result might be. Therefore, in order to ensure that people are able to live a healthy life, even the one who is already suffering from deadly diseases like cancer, it is imperative to ensure that these patients have the best possible arrangements made up for them. It is because of the reason that the disease of cancer is already associated with morbidity. However, in the cancer patients, there is a higher rate of deaths and fatalities, therefore, there is a very bleak possibility that these patients who already have a higher chance of death will be able to survive in the new normal wherein the chances of their deaths are likely to increase.

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