The process of kidney fibrosis is a very important part of the entire process to cure the defected organ of the kidney. The most common consequence of chronic kidney diseases is the defected kidney which may at times result in fibrosis. Therefore, in the end, what is essential is the fact that chronic renal disease is a major public health problem that is really linked with the high mortality rates. Therefore, in the end, it becomes essential to realize that diabetes mellitus is kept under control and hence, every possible effort is made in order to control the process of glomerulosclerosis. There has been an increase in the efficiency of about 50 percent when the person is said to deal with these. Therefore, in the end, fibrosis which is a usual outcome of kidney failure can be treated by using the apt amount of research and developing such medicine as may be required. The process of the formation of G protein is really essential for the well being of the kidney itself. Hence, the incidence of a higher synthesis is able to provide for the infections which might be suffered by the kidney. Nearly, 85 percent of the population that was studied that reported similar findings.

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