The association of breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma was made public long back ago in the year of 1997. Therefore, since then, there has been an increased scope for scientists to understand the development fo the medicine that will be in the position to treat and cure breast cancer in the minimum possible time with the best and efficient results. The main concern about the patients is to provide them with a safe breast implant. Ideally, the median time duration between the two implants is considered to a time span of 7.5 years. In addition to this, a breast implant is considered the best method of treating breast cancer. The other various methods include chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These therapies are effective. However, they affect the remaining parts and organs of the body in the worst possible manner. Therefore, these therapies use various types of antibodies which might not be very useful for the patient who is already grappling with such a serious disease. Therefore, reliance on breast implant ensures that this cancer does not re-occur. Hence, an attempt must be made to cure the same using the best type of OZAKI treatment.

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