Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal could be a valuable additional modality for invasive mechanical ventilation especially for the patients who are suffering from COPD and a severe exacerbation. There have been various studies that have been conducted so far to study how brilliantly the patients experience the low to middle blood flow in such pathetic situations. Therefore, what matters to them the most, is to assure that the people are able to get the best hold of them. The results of the various studies have experienced how an improvement in the oxide level would be in the position to understand the adjust the respiratory rate of the body. Therefore, how that matters is the fact that the people in such severe health conditions have to provide the proper supply of oxygen. This is because of the reason that hyperinflation can be cured by them in the minimum possible time. This happens only when the people are provided with the opportunity to get the best supply of oxygen at all the best possible times.

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