Bronchial Asthma (BA) is a complex heterogeneous disease with a number of molecular immunopathological mechanisms underlying airway inflammation, hyperreactivity, and bronchial remodeling. MicroRNAs are important regulators in the pathogenesis and progression of chronic respiratory diseases, including BA.
The aim of the study is to investigate the level of expression of cell-free circulating miR-19b-3p and miR-320c in the blood plasma by comparing their plasma levels with IL-4 in the moderate BA patients and control group.
The level of expression miR-19b-3p and miR-320c were evaluated by qRT-PCR using the comparative threshold cycle (Ct) method. U6 small nuclear RNA was taken as an endogenous control. The content of IL – 4 in blood plasma was determined by using ELISA.
miR-19b-3p and miR-320c were significantly dysregulated in moderate asthmatic patients in comparison with control group. The area under the ROC curve of miR-19b-3p and miR-320c showed 0.8088 (95% CI 0.6925 to 0.9251, P value =0.0001) and 0,9048 (95% CI 0,7792 to 1,000, P value <0,0001), respectively. BA patients showed a considerably positive correlation between the expression level of microRNA-320c and IL-4 levels.
These cell-free circulating microRNAs are probably deregulated in other inflammatory/ pathological diseases, so they could be useful to understand the molecular pathogenesis of BA or to investigate the “inflammatory reaction” in this disease.

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