To determine the prevalence of chronic ankle instability (CAI) and to investigate its relationship to the foot arch in collegiate female athletes by each sports event.
Cross-sectional study.
University setting.
138 collegiate female athletes.
All subjects were asked about previous ankle sprains, and the arch height index (AHI) was calculated. Athletes with a previous sprain history were evaluated based on the criteria by the International Ankle Consortium (IAC), the severity of ankle instability (CAIT), and foot and ankle function (FAAM). The prevalence of CAI and the relationship between the AHI and ankle instability were analyzed by each sports event.
Of 106 athletes with a previous ankle sprain, 10 (9.4%) met the IAC criteria below the cut-off value of the CAIT, and only 1 athlete (0.9%) was below the FAAM cut-off value. The AHI was not significantly different in athletes with CAI. The AHI was significantly lower in swimmers than in track and field (sprint) athletes.
Most female athletes with CAI were aware of the severity of ankle instability, but they did not feel dysfunction of the ankle during sports. Additionally, the AHI may depend on the characteristics of sports events.

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