Adolescents with childhood trauma may be associated with psychotic-like experiences (PLEs) and is at high risk for later development of psychoses. Exploring early age risk factors for childhood trauma may provide useful information for prevention of mental disorders and improvement of mental health, yet no studies have examined the association between exposure to specific forms of trauma and different types of PLEs in a sample of Chinese adolescents. Thus, the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire-Short Form was used to measure five types of childhood trauma (emotional abuse, EA; physical abuse, PA; sexual abuse, SA; emotional neglect, EA; physical neglect, PA) in junior middle school students. And the positive subscale of Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences divided into four types (bizarre experiences, perceptual abnormalities, persecutory ideation and magical thinking) was used to measure PLEs. Then the possible associations among demographic information and specific types of childhood trauma on specific forms of PLEs was compared. The rates of EA, PA, SA, EA and PA were 14.2%, 13.0%, 16.1%, 60.0%, and 78.6%, respectively. Moreover, childhood trauma seems to be a main role in the development of PLE, and EA and SA patients are particularly likely to experience PLEs.
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