The people these days are diagnosed with various and diverse kinds of cancers. Therefore, these all are very deadly in nature. One type of such virus includes testicular cancer. This type of cancer is usually present in men. This cancer is very dangerous and can be only treated with the help of chemotherapy. The type of chemotherapy for treating this cancer is not an ordinary one. Instead, this is the kind of chemotherapy that is based on Cisplatin. This is the cornerstone of treating these diseases. However, the long-term neurotoxicity is expected to increase with the increasing number of fo cycles of chemotherapy which issued for treating this deadly cancer. There is a huge amount of differences between the otherwise and ordinary 3 cycles and otherwise 4 cycles of the therapy. Therefore, it is advisable for the people to assure that the people are able to cure this deadly disease in the minimum time with maximum care. The doctors should also ensure that the testicular cancer patients are check time and again and an attempt is made to ensure neurotoxicity.

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