This study evaluated the protective effect of TiF and chitosan toothpaste on erosive tooth wear (ETW) in vitro. Enamel and dentin samples were randomly assigned to toothpastes (n = 12): (G1) TiF (1400 ppm F), (G2) 0.5% chitosan (75% deacetylation, 500 mPas), (G3) TiF (1400 ppm F) plus 0.5% chitosan (75% deacetylation, 500 mPas), (G4) Placebo, (G5) Erosion Protection (Elmex-GABA, 1400 ppm F). Twelve samples were only eroded. All samples were submitted to erosive pH cycles and G1 to G5 to abrasive challenges using toothpastes’ slurries plus 45 s of treatment, for 7 days. The final profile was overlaid to the baseline one for the ETW calculation (µm). The data were subjected to Kruskal-Wallis/Dunn tests. TiF toothpastes, regardless of the presence of chitosan, were able to significantly reduce ETW compared to placebo, while chitosan alone was similar to placebo for both tissues. The toothpastes containing TiF were even superior to the commercial Elmex toothpaste on enamel, while they were similar on dentin; both were also significantly different from placebo for both tissues. TiF and Elmex toothpastes minimized the impact of brushing on eroded surface. In conclusion, TiF toothpastes, regardless the presence of chitosan, showed to be effective in minimizing ETW in vitro.
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