To address the low numbers of urologists who are ethnically and racially underrepresented in medicine (URiM), the nonprofit organization Urology Unbound developed the R. Frank Jones Urology Interest Group (RFJUIG), a pipeline program that provides mentorship, research opportunities, and professional development for URiM students.
Students complete a questionnaire as part of the registration process for the RFJUIG. This questionnaire collects demographic information and asks about their experience pursuing urology and goals for participation in the program.
At the end of 2020, sixty-six students (60% Black and 21% Latinx) were registered members of the RFJUIG. The majority of the members identify as immigrants or first-generation Americans, originating from at least 10 different countries. While most members reported early interest in the field, only 11% had a friend or family with a connection to urology. In the 2021 urology match, thirty-one out of thirty-nine applicant members successfully matched into a urology residency position.
Intentional and strategic pipeline programs increase the recruitment of URiMs in urology. Thus far, the RFJUIG successfully provided 79% of its applicant members with the tools needed to successfully match into urology.

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