Acute respiratory distress syndrome is a fatal disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus.  This disease is known to have many similarities with the other etiologies and hence, is known to have the traits which are very much similar to the novel coronavirus. The main symptoms which are common to both of the diseases include ones like vascular inflammation and immune thrombosis and neoangiogenesis. In addition, there has been an increase in the occurrence of alpha and beta cells by an increased percentage of 15-20 percent in these patients, which is likely to decrease the efficiency of the lungs by at least 45 percent. The breathing becomes extremely rigorous and at the same time, provides for the timing of liberation and hence, there are increased chances of effecting the healthy life cycles of the remaining patients in the best possible manner. This is because of the reason that mechanical ventilation has been able to be less effective as compared to the other causes which might have been observed. The studies have been conducted in the population which comprises 4878 patients who were both infected with the novel coronavirus and hence, at the same time had the symptoms of the abovementioned disease. The results reflected a positive correlation between the diverse elements and hence, this was highly unlikely to yield results in the most efficient manner.

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