The outburst of COVID-19 has been in the position to take a toll on the lives of so many people in the world. This outbreak has made the world realize that the existing state of healthcare is inefficient to put up a tough front against the world at large. Therefore, in the end, what matters is to ensure that there is always a possibility of enhancing the amount of research which is being carried in the phase of health care to ensure that the world is in the position to get the best of everything and hence, put up a tough fight against the world at large. Therefore, an attempt is made to develop health intelligence which represents a systematic approach and comprehensive methodology applied to its collection, linkage, analysis, and use of the appropriate health data. This is becoming very essential of enhancing the amount of surveillance and monitoring and at the same time, HI plays a determinative role in ensuring that the efficiency and effectiveness of the policies and programs is maintained. This also enhances the manner in which the existing system of jurisprudence is able to take a toll on the infrastructure in the best possible manner and hence, convert the same to a repository that can be accessed by as many people as wanted.

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