For the patients who are already suffering from the disease of asthma, the level of risk which is being faced by them is very very dangerous. This is because of the reason that the people these days are known for inhaling the gases which are very dangerous and poisonous in nature and hence, at the same time, people are provided with the opportunity to evaluate the fact that the people were studied in the population of 9853 patients so far. In the population, it was revealed that nearly 54 percent of the patients who were already suffering from asthma were more prone to respiratory diseases and hence, it became the duty of these patients to report to the medical facilities in the minimum possible time. The main need of the people to assure that they must live a healthy life. The recovery rate in such disease is also less and hence, it is nearly related to 45 percent. In addition, there have to be in such a situation the main aim of the people is to safeguard themselves in the best possible manner in the best way.

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