Nature has created the entire mankind equally. It has not discriminated among the people in any possible manner. However, when we talk of racism, we talk about inequalities and discrimination. This discrimination is quite surfacing in the United States of America, wherein the racial minorities like the Blacks, are struggling hard to get access to the basic needs of education, healthcare and employment opportunities. This is somewhere resulting in the decreased quality of lives. Therefore, the American College of Physicians has made an attempt to understand these injustices being met out to the Blacks in the garb of racism and how these injustices are weakening the roots of the society.

For the purpose of unraveling the hidden stories of these victims of racism, this institute made an attempt to explore the different resources available on the web and conclude that these systematic American racism has harmed the indigenous communities, their ethnicity, and their identities which include the question of age, sexual orientation, religion, culture, and the other allied traits. Therefore, this has helped them realize how important it is for America to end this historic racism for letting these poor souls enjoy the basic amenities of their lives which include justice, liberty, fraternity, and utilities.