The people are able to assure this is the best possible manner that the patients are able to cure themselves physically and mentally when they are suffering from the deadly disease of cancer. However, situations worsen when this already worsened situation is also linked with other possibilities which include the after-effects and the side effects of the disease which might follow and try to affect to remaining body organs and parts in the worse possible manner. Therefore, in a recent study, it was unraveled that the patients who have been treated with a high risk localized, node-positive and metastatic prostate cancer are able to survive up to 40 percent of this cohort. Therefore, this has been able to account for up to two-thirds of all the deaths caused by the deadly disease of prostate cancer. Therefore, it was also observed that as compared to some low-risk localized diseases and the types of cancer, the de novo metastatic virus is able to affect the lives of the maximum possible people. Hence, it has been shown and proved that this virus is able to have a 40 percent more risk to the patients and their chances of survival are decreased in a minimum manner.

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