The outbreak of coronavirus has taken a toll on the health infrastructure in the worst possible manner. There has been a tremendous pressure over the health infrastructure of not only curing the patients who have been infected with this deadly virus, but at the same time ensuring that there is a permanent solution to this disease by developing a vaccine. However, there is no possibility that such a vaccine could be developed shortly. However, as an alternative to the permanent solution, doctors are relying on hydroxychloroquine which has the tendency of offering a temporary solution to the world at large.

This has been recommended by the National Health Institutes that this medicine is effective in offering a temporary solution to treat this deadly virus. The process to administer the same medicine is quite rigorous. However, there have been instances wherein it has been shown that this medicine is not effective on the persons with mild illness. Therefore, blind reliance on this medicine for curing the deadly virus is not acceptable. This medicine should be combined with other solutions and hence, it must be assured that the people are able to get the benefit in the best possible manner by regulating the research.