To understand the status of menopause outpatient clinics in maternal and children health (MCH) institutions and general hospitals. A total of 314 health administrative departments, MCH health institutions and general hospitals in 11 provinces of China were enrolled by using multi-stage random sampling method. A self-made questionnaire was used to investigate the development of normative documents for menopausal health work, and the establishment, services, health resources, system and information management of menopause outpatient clinics. The current situation of menopause outpatient clinics in MCH institutions was compared with that in general hospitals. All health administrative departments did not formulate normative documents for menopausal health care. Among MCH health institutions and general hospitals, 53.4% (111/208) established menopause outpatient clinic. About 60.9% (64/105) of MCH institutions established menopause outpatient clinic, which was higher than that of general hospitals [45.6% (47/103)] (<0.05). From high priority to less, the services of menopause outpatient clinics were menopausal disease diagnosis and treatment, counseling, health education and disease referral. 90.1% (100/111) of menopause outpatient clinics provided routine medical examinations, and only 55.9% (62/111) and 59.5% (66/111) of them provide psychological and nutritional status assessment. The allocation rate of commonly used examination equipment in menopause outpatient clinics was 81.1%-96.4%, while only 28.8%-37.8% of them had psychological status assessment tool, human body composition analyzer and nutrition status assessment tool. Among 111 menopause outpatient clinics, 46.8% (=52), 36.0% (=40), and 34.2% (=38) of them established outpatient consultation process, referral (consultation) work system, and follow-up work system, and 49.5% (=55), 29.7% (=33), 42.3% (=47), and 17.1% (=19) of them established visit registration, health records, follow-up records of referrals, and reported outpatient services, respectively. Menopause outpatient clinics in 11 provinces of China have been initially established, and policy guidance and human resources allocation should be further strengthened.