There have been various studies conducted to understand the effect of thalamic circuit imbalance. This has been further characterized by increasing amounts of sensorimotor-thalamic connectivity. This has also been the sole reason for decreasing prefrontal-thalamic connectivity. This syndrome has been discovered in schizophrenia prone persons. Therefore, in order to establish a similar analogy, research was conducted by taking into accord 115 adults with EOS ad 55 matched healthy controls. They were made to undergo some MRI scans. The results contained in themselves the factum that every EOS group which was capable f showing increased sensorimotor-thalamic connectivity and decreased pre-frontal connectivity, which was inconsistent with AOS. there was a possibility of increasing activity and that was mostly linked to Salience Network. Therefore, it was concluded that the thalamic dysconnectivity observed in the EOS extends the observations from adult patients. These expressions that have been discussed above have been linked with the increasing traits of schizophrenia. This ensures the raising opportunity of becoming aberrant. They are also linked with many hallucinations and at the same time, they are the victims of heightening emotional violence. Therefore, they must be treated with love and care.

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