YAP and TAZ are the most important components of the transcriptional co-activators and hence, are able to downstream the data in the best possible manner. This is important to realize that the people are in the position to understand that these receptors are playing an important role in supplying the people the required immunity to put up a tough front against the deadly diseases. Therefore, there have been various studies that have been conducted in order to prove this very point. They are mutually redundant and hence, they have to be used separately with the help of different elements that are to be fixed together for the production of the desired results. Therefore, these combinations play a much important role and are able to fix around 10-20 percent of the transcriptional deficiencies, by activating the growth and the mutation of the required proteins. This takes normally two weeks’ time to show the required results in the most efficient manner.

Hence, at this point in time, it is quite evident from the results of the studies conducted taking the samples of the population wherein such receptors were deactivated, that YAP and TAZ play a very important role in activating the internal enzymes and hence, stimulate the bodily reactions which are helpful in increasing the efficiency by up to 10-15 percent.

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