There have been various attempts made to understand and observe the efficacy of pharmacological treatments for restricted and repetitive behaviors who are already infected with an autism spectrum disorder. This disease affects the mental order of the people in the worst efficient manner. Therefore, an attempt was being made to understand the relation and the nexus between the variables available. Therefore, various research parameters like PubMed, Embase and CENTRAL. These have been used to ensure that the double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled trials are conducted and they are used to draw out the results which showcase the efficacy of pharmacological agents. These are very essential for treating and curing the deadly problem of autism. This mind related disease has to be cured in the best possible manner by using every kind of mild technique and policy. After having decided upon 85 trails with 85,000 patients with ASD, antipsychotics have been able to significantly improve the RRB outcomes as compared to the placebo techniques and policies. The results of the present meta-analysis suggest that currently available pharmacological agents have at the have been able to benefit the results in a very positive manner.

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