The most important and the rarest cells of all is none other than Merkel cells. These Merkel cells are a kind of aggressive neuroendocrine which causes skin malignancy. Therefore, the most important consideration at this point in time is basically the fact that these cells have to be preserved in the maximum possible manner. This is to be ensured that there is preservation is done in the best possible way. This helps these cells in being useful for curing the patients who have been infected with the deadly and dangerous diseases like cancer. Therefore, these cells have to be preserved in a specific environment with controlled temperature and volume positions. Ideally, they are given in the quantum of 50 Gy doses. This ensures that the people are able to assure that they are being given the right quantum which is sufficient enough to cure them in the best possible manner. These cells are also administered to the body infected with cancer which is of a type of metastatic. These cells help in ensuring that the immunity of the people is also boosted in the best possible way.

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