The process of transplantation is not that easy. The process requires many precautions and at the same time, the process of transplantation is said to have many other side effects as well. For instance, in situations wherein the people get their kidney transplanted, there is a higher risk with respect to a delayed graft function which may happen due to the reperfusion. This is known to have caused nearly 50 percent of injuries which are ideally faced by the patients in whom the process of transplantation has been practiced. Therefore, the kidney intrinsic factors involving genetic characteristics and innate immunity serve as critical determinants of the severity of the delayed graft function. This preclinical murine model allows for further investigations of the mechanisms underlying delayed graft function. There is a change of hormones like C3H and BALB/c. There have been various studies that have been conducted so far in order to calculate the impact of the repeated transplantations. The studies have provided that there are 85 percent more chances in order to contract hormonal changes and various other types of delayed graft functions.

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