For a study, researchers sought to reflect on and analyze current evidence of the usefulness of allergen exposure chambers (AEC) for allergy immunotherapy investigations, emphasizing AEC validation, technical documentation, and prospects. The study’s publications outlined the historical context, the present state of research use, and the validation of AEC systems. It identified unmet needs in AEC system compatibility, clinical assessment repeatability, and association of AEC-induced symptoms with scores under natural environmental exposure. Furthermore, new information on technical standards, such as dimensions, allergen dissemination, and validation techniques, was emphasized, and upcoming actions of the EAACI AEC task force group concerning clinical endpoint harmonization were outlined.

AECs were used to evaluate allergic patients for over 3 decades. Because individual systems differ greatly in terms of technical setup and standard evaluations, thorough technical documentation was required. To acquire regulatory approval for key immunotherapy studies using an AEC system, clinical evaluations must be harmonized, and proof of the association of clinical AEC outcomes with environmental exposure clinical scores was essential.