The outbreak of coronavirus is slowly and steadily taking a toll on many people altogether. Therefore, the healthcare industry has been completely moved due to this outbreak which has caused such a huge amount of turmoil in the world. In short, what matters the most in such situations is to ensure that the people are provided with the opportunity to cure themselves in the best possible way. There have been recent studies that have taken place and it has been discovered that the virus of COVID-19 is a multiorgan disease which is affecting other systems which include the heart, liver, pancreas, etc. therefore, the COVID-19 virus in order to enter the lining of the other cells requires itself to dilute the boundary of the cells and the organs with the help of angiotensin. This enzyme also converts the healthy proteins in the body to the unhealthy ones which promote the production of ACE 2 in the body. Many studies have been conducted in this regard to discover that if this hepatic Ace 2 mRNA is normal or an outcome of coronavirus. The results were pretty shocking. The various research committees at the University of Tubingen have provided approval that all these changes in the body are due to coronavirus and not otherwise.

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