Fibrinogen concentration is an important indicator of the treatment for obstetric disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). We present how using the fibrinogen measuring device could solve problems in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage with complicated DIC.
A 32-year-old woman with monochorionic diamniotic twins at 22 weeks of pregnancy was diagnosed with placental abruption and underwent emergent cesarean section. The estimated blood loss was 8375 g. She was transferred to our hospital for further treatment. Compressive uterine sutures and balloon tamponade were performed. We transfused fibrinogen and fresh frozen plasma actively during the operation to maintain plasma fibrinogen above 200 mg/dL by using a point-of-care fibrinogen measuring device. In spite of massive hemorrhage exceeding 10 L, she was extubated at the end of the operation and discharged on the 7th day after the operation.
The portable fibrinogen measuring device was useful for point-of-care assessment of obstetric DIC.