Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic autoinflammatory skin condition that affects more women than males. The condition causes a terrible quality of life as well as physical and psychological complications. For a study, researchers sought to analyze how HS affected women’s self-perception and life experiences. Interviews were done with 22 women ranging in age and family situation. The content was transcribed, and theme and content analysis were performed.

About 5 themes and a number of subthemes covering physical, emotional, coping, and functional components were revealed. The most problematic difficulties were somatic aspects, including pain, as well as the emotional load of guilt and loss of femininity and closeness. Women, on the other hand, showed courage and hope.

The studies provided light on the inner lives of women dealing with HS, covering a variety of issues, problems, and concerns. Healthcare practitioners should pay extra attention to these individuals’ unique demands. More study is needed to shed light on HS’s impact on women.