Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is 7- to 10-fold higher in anticoagulated patients. Given the more extended use of oral anticoagulants, an increase in the prevalence of ICH associated with oral anticoagulation (ICH-OAC) could be expected. However, there is no previous study that assesses the time trends of ICH-OAC in Spain.
We conducted a combined data analysis after creating a joint database of the 3 most important epidemiological studies on ICH-OAC of our country: the EPICES study (2008-2009), the TAC Registry (TR) study (2012-2013) and the TAC Registry 2 (TR2) study (2015). We finally included 65, 235, and 366 patients from the EPICES, TR, and TR2 studies, respectively.
We have observed a 3.73-fold increase in the crude annual incidence of ICH-OAC throughout the period of study, with proportion of ICH-OAC out of total ICH increasing from 8.4% in 2008 to 18.2% in 2015. Age, dyslipidemia, and prior antiplatelet treatment increased during the study, but we found no statistically significant differences in other risk factors for ICH-OAC.
The incidence of ICH-OAC is increasing in our country. It might at least be partly explained by aging of the population, with mean age at presentation being higher in the last years.

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