TMEM180, a novel colon cancer-specific protein with a 12-transmembrane topology, is upregulated at low oxygen. Previously, we established a humanized monoclonal antibody against TMEM180 aimed at clinical trials. Prior to such trials, it is necessary to clarify the function of TMEM180 in cancer. To compare SW480 human colon cancer cells and their TMEM180-knockdown derivatives, we analyzed proliferation and oxygen consumption, and also performed phosphorylation proteomics, metabolomics, and next-generation sequencing (NGS). The preliminary results revealed that TMEM180 appeared to promote the growth of colon cancer but had almost no effect on oxygen consumption or expression of phosphorylated proteins. By contrast, glycolysis differed dramatically between SW480 and TMEM180-knockdown cells. The NGS analysis revealed that TMEM180 promotes enzyme expression in nitric oxide (NO) synthesis system, suggesting that it promotes glucose and glutamine metabolism, thereby contributing to cancer growth. Overall, the results of this study warrant further basic studies of TMEM180 molecule.
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