There has been almost a year since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and hence, till now there has not been any therapy or treatment to cure pneumonia which might follow after the person has been infected by the deadly coronavirus. The aim of the study has been to assess the role which is played by the tocilizumab to reduce the risk of invasive mechanical ventilation and death rate in the patients who have been suffering from the deadly disease of the novel coronavirus.

The study was conducted with a population of 875 people who were aged more than 18 years and hence, an attempt was made to understand the correlation between these two elements in the best possible manner. It was observed that 40 percent of the patients who were tested positive for the novel coronavirus had been infected with pneumonia when they were admitted to the hospital. Nearly, 20 percent of these patients had to die a silent death in the absence of a definite medicine. The treatment with tocilizumab was administered intravenously and at the same time subcutaneously which might be in the position to reduce the risk of invasive mechanical ventilation.

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