A recent article published in Forbes announces the best and worst states for doctors to work, released by WalletHub. Based on 12 metrics, including earning potential, compensation, hospitals per capita, insured population rate, patient population (such as patients over age 65), and the cost of malpractice insurance, data were gathered from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Health and Human Services and other various organizations. Their findings were as follows:

Best States to Work

1. South Carolina

2. Minnesota

3. Texas

4. Mississippi

5. Kansas

6. Wisconsin

7. Tennessee

8. Iowa

9. Idaho

10. North Dakota


Worst States to Work

1. Rhode Island

2. New Jersey

3. Oregon

4. New York

5. Maine

6. Maryland

7. Connecticut

8. Alaska

9. Delaware

10. New Hampshire

Source: Wallethub

Are you surprised by these findings?