Active case finding (ACF) is critical for the timely detection and treatment of diseases like tuberculosis (TB). ACF is crucial in India, where health-seeking behaviour across various populations is low and non-reporting is a barrier to breaking disease transmission cycles and eliminating the disease. As an integral part of India’s national TB control programs, there is further scope for improvement in its design. This paper outlines a roadmap for ACF for TB in the country. It is based on current national strategic plans for public health monitoring and TB case identification. It suggests that ACF should be strengthened by developing it as a learning surveillance system involving a change from a siloed public health approach to a more comprehensive surveillance exercise. It defines operational requirements for establishing predictive capabilities and introducing feedback and learning in the system as a precondition. It highlights the importance of establishing proper processes, as well as extending and expanding on existing infrastructural and human resource, and inter-programmatic coordination and collaboration in the health sector.
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