The use of predictive biomarkers provides potential individualized cancer therapeutic options to prevent therapy failure as well as serious toxicities. Several recent studies showed that predictive and prognostic biomarkers are a notable personalized strategy to improve patients’ care in several cancers. Trabectedin (Yondelis®) is a cytotoxic agent, derived from a marine organism, harbouring a significant antitumor activity against several cancers such as soft tissue sarcoma, ovarian, and breast cancers. Recently and with the advent of molecular genetic testing, BRCA mutational status was found as an important predictor of response to this anticancer drug especially in gynecological cancers. The aim of this updated review is to discuss the mechanisms of action of trabectedin against the well-known cancer hallmarks described until today. We also examined the current advances related to genomic biomarkers that can be used in the future to predict the efficacy of this potent anticancer natural molecule in various gynecological cancers.
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