In Unaccountable, Dr. Makary argues that patients blindly walk into a marketplace they can’t study or evaluate. Readers will learn the shocking truth about the Wild West of modern medicine, including its hazards and its heroes.

Why are medical errors now the fifth leading cause of death in America?
Why do some prestigious hospitals have complication rates five times higher than others?
Why are 20-30% of all medications and procedures unnecessary, according to a new study?
How do you find the best medical care?

Today, more than ever, doctors and nurses describe a “corporatization” of healthcare by executives increasingly removed from the front lines of patient care – a detachment parallel to that of large bank executives before the financial collapse. The only difference is that, instead of a onetime taxpayer bailout for the banks, healthcare is being bailed out every day.

The personal advice and broader reforms Dr. Makary lays out are neither impractical nor partisan. They are common sense. With thousands of lives at stake every year, and a broken system that is burdening families, businesses and our national debt, we need the fresh new ideas this book provides.

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