This is a very controversial thing to consider as a SIJ or sacroiliac joint as the source of symptoms for different cases. The previous studies are saying that 30% of patients with low back pain originated from the SIJ. It is also challenging to evaluate only with SIJ. On the other side, the presumptive diagnosis of the disruption of SIJ consists of patient movement, pain location, and manual testing. The treatment of SIJ starts with a non-operative intervention that includes chiropractic care and physical therapy. If this treatment process fails, the next treatment option is going to be radiofrequency denervation of the SIJ. 

The doctors and researchers are still doing studies on this matter. The research process will be done by taking some patients for examination and evaluating them based on certain criteria. The parameters will also be set by the researchers. Therefore based on the outcome of the research the doctors and researchers will be able to come up with the proper solution for the treatment of the sacroiliac joint. Before researching the patients, the researchers also need to study more clinical cases. The positive outcome will bring a proper method in the treatment process.