This study states that Fractures of the radial head represent the most common bony injury of the elbow in adults. Radial head fractures are classified according to Mason or one of its classification modifications. Current literature does not indicate consensus on whether to treat isolated stable type II radial head fracture patterns with open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) or nonoperatively, especially, when there is no mechanical block to motion. We systematically reviewed the available literature searching electronic databases, that is, MEDLINE using the PubMed interface and Embase, for studies published between 2011 and 2020. The primary objective was to contrast the outcome scores of these 2 different study groups and the pitfalls accompanied with the 2 different approaches. The PRISMA guidelines were applied. The literature search left 11 studies for inclusion, all but 1 retrospective in design, comprising 319 patients. A total of 218 patients (68.3%) were treated with ORIF and 101 patients (31.7%) were treated nonoperatively. Our findings indicate that ORIF does not provide better results when compared to nonoperatively treated patients concerning functional outcome parameters.

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