Every single person in this world has suffered in different ways due to the covid-19 outbreak and pandemic. The people who suffered the most were patients with medical emergencies other than covid-19. There was not enough space in the hospitals to treat patients with spinal disorders or any other deadly diseases. Still, some of the hospitals tried to provide treatments and surgeries for the patients suffering from spinal disorders or any other spine-related problems. As the covid-19 virus attacks the respiratory system of the human body, the doctors were not allowing patients without critical surgery cases. 

Therefore to fight against this situation, doctors had started meeting their patients online. For those people who required spine surgery but there is no urgency, the doctors ask them to avoid hospitals to prevent the infection. Also due to lack of proper setup and enough beds in the hospital, the surgeons needed to delay some surgeries for 2 to 3 weeks by making the patient’s condition stable using medicines. 

But in most cases, spine surgeries could not be postponed. Therefore the doctors and hospital staff had to arrange alternate surgical plans by keeping the pandemic situation in mind and depending upon the availability of beds in the hospitals. The doctors and nurse emphasized the fact that the patient should not stay for a long time in the hospital after the surgery is completed.

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