Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) microenvironment plays a critical role in disease pathogenesis. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are involved in CLL-B cell migration and survival. CD147 is associated with MMPs production by tumor and stromal cells.
To analyze CD147, MMP2 and MMP9 expression in CLL-B cells and its modulation by fibroblasts (Fb)-CLL-B cell interaction.
CLL-B cells were co-cultured with Fb, as a simulation of CLL microenvironment. CD147 was evaluated in healthy donor (HD)-B cells and CLL-B cells by flow cytometry. MMP2 and MMP9 activity in CLL-plasma samples and conditioned media (CMs) was studied by zymography.
MMP9/MMP2 plasma levels were significantly higher in CLL patients than in HD. CD147 expression (median fluorescence intensity) in CLL patients characterized 3 groups: low- (19.1 ± 3.2; n=3), middle- (42.7 ± 12.8; n=18) and high- (76.5 ± 9.6; n=5) related to CD147 expression in HD-B cells. CD147 expression significantly increased in CLL-B cells after Fb-CLL-B cell co-culture. A significant increase in proMMP2 activity was observed in CMs obtained from Fb-CLL-B cell co-cultures in comparison with isolated CLL-B cells.
CD147 expression in CLL-B cells and MMPs secretion was induced by Fb-CLL-B cell contact, suggesting CD147 participation in the CLL pathophysiology.

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