This study determined the types of tobacco products used by caregivers who presented to infant well-child visits (WCVs), tobacco product use by other household members, and caregivers’ readiness to quit. The Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics conducted a 10-month quality improvement collaborative to improve providers’ tobacco screening and cessation counseling practices. A sub-analysis of the initial screenings was performed to determine types of tobacco products used and caregivers’ readiness to quit. Fourteen practices (60 providers) participated, and 3972 initial screens were analyzed; 320 (8.1%) caregivers and 490 (12.4%) household members used tobacco products. Most smoking caregivers and household members exclusively used cigarettes (79% and 72%, respectively). There was no difference in caregiver intention to quit by tobacco type, yet 53% of smoking caregivers were ready to quit. Providers should provide screening and cessation counseling to caregivers of infants at WCVs since many are ready to quit.