Researchers did this study to assess the efficacy of a novel ultrasound-guided procedure for retrieving IUDs when the threads are not visible at the external cervical os.

This was a prospective cohort study of consecutive women referred for ultrasound examination because of lost IUD threads. After injection of local anesthetic, the anterior cervical lip was grasped with vulsellum forceps. A 5Fr hysteroscopy grasping forceps was introduced transcervical into the uterine cavity under continuous transabdominal ultrasound guidance. The IUD was then captured and removed from the uterus. Patients’ demographic data, gynecological history, ultrasound findings, duration of the procedure, success rate, and pain score were recorded.

Twenty-three consecutive women were included in the study. Ultrasound examination showed an IUD correctly sited in the center of the uterine cavity in 20/23. On 2/23, it was partially embedded in the myometrium, and on 1/23, the IUD was partially sited in the cervical canal.No complications were recorded during or immediately after the procedure.

The study concluded that ultrasound-guided retrieval of lost IUDs using fine hysteroscopy grasping forceps is a highly successful technique and is well tolerated by women.