The point of this investigation was to present the “ultrathin parenchyma” resection in a robot-helped incomplete nephrectomy (RAPN) by means of the retroperitoneal approach, and to evaluate the achievability, security, and adequacy of this procedure.

We gathered and reflectively audited the clinical information of patients with renal tumors who went through ultrathin parenchyma resections in RAPNs by means of the retroperitoneal approach or customary sharp analyzation in RAPNs through the retroperitoneal come closer from February 2015 to August 2018. The overall information and different boundaries, for example, the activity time, blood misfortune (BL), warm ischemia time (WIT), positive careful edge (PSM), glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and postoperative repeat, were thought about and examined between the two careful procedures.

In ultrathin parenchyma resection gatherings, one case was changed over to an open a medical procedure, while different cases were finished successfully. The ultrathin parenchyma resection during mechanical fractional nephrectomy (RPN) is a protected and compelling careful procedure for the resection of cT1 renal tumors. It can save the renal capacity under the reason of guaranteeing powerful tumor control.

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