Sexual activity is considered as a healthy behavior and an indication of a healthy status. This study aims to understand the trend and activity associated with a cause-specific or all-cause mortality risk.

A nation-wide sample was collected from the Nutrition Examination Survey (2005-2016) and National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey (2005 to 2014). The study aimed at understanding the association for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and all-cause mortality risk.

Among 15,269 subjects, 36.1% had more than 52 sexual activities in a year. 71.7% of the subjects had more than 12 activities per year. During the course, 12,598 subjects were eligible for the mortality study. The participants with higher frequency had a lower risk of all-cause mortality during the study period. The HR (Hazard Ratio) for all-cause mortality among those who had activities more than 52 times was 0.51. For CVD mortality, the ratio was 0.79; for cancer, it was 0.31, and for other causes, it was 0.52.

Sexual activity is a health indicator for cancer and all-cause mortality among middle-aged US adults. However, for a precise estimate, a larger representation of the sample is required. There was no concrete establishment of casualty because of the nature of the study.